The tech workforce is evolving fast. So should your hiring.

The Cyber Skills Center fills your in-demand tech roles by activating untapped talent through non-traditional skills training. Our graduates are driven, experienced individuals critical to building a vibrant tech workforce right here in Tulsa.

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As the pace of tech innovation accelerates, the demand for specialized skills is reaching new heights. Strengthen your recruitment strategy through Tulsa Community College's 6-month accelerated training program in partnership with edX.

Data Analytics

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Foundational skills in:

Microsoft Excel

Pivot tables
VBA scripting
Statistics modeling

Python Data Analytics

Python 3


Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process

Web Visualization

Bootstrap framework
JavaScript charting
Geomapping with Leaflet.js

Machine Learning

Data ethics
Machine learning


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Foundational skills in:

Security Fundamentals

CIA triad
Risk analysis and risk mitigation
Business continuity planning
Disaster recovery

Systems Administration

Linux server configuration
Windows server configuration
Tar, cron, and cronjobs
Bash scripting and programming
Active directory

Networks & Network Security

Network architecture, operations, and security
Wireshark and traffic analysis
Email security
Wireless security
Cryptography and encryption
Port scanning
Cloud security and virtualization

Defensive Security

Monitoring and logging
Incident response
Data extraction and recovery

Offensive Security

Burp Suite
XSS vulnerabilities and payloads
SQL injection
File inclusion and command injection vulnerabilities
Penetration testing execution standard
Searchsploit and Metasploit
Pivoting networks

Investing in Tulsa’s diverse tech talent

The Cyber Skills Center is where Tulsa's unharnessed tech talent comes to life. We're committed to developing a diverse and skilled tech workforce, making it easier for employers to discover qualified talent right here in Tulsa.

  • 100+ currently in training
  • 35 graduates
  • 90% graduation rate
  • 60% identify as people of color
  • 40% identify as women or non-binary
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Delivering immediate impact for Tulsa employers

As the tech industry evolves, so does the need for specialized talent. The Cyber Skills Center equips Tulsans with essential skills in both cyber and data analytics, thanks to our partnership with edX's world-class training programs.

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“Being new here in Tulsa, our office really felt the demand of needing more cyber talent as we continued to grow. We looked to the Cyber Skills Center as the solution for providing us with young talent ready to start entry-level jobs in the cyber space.”

- Clint Underwood

Director of Organizational Development, Conquest Cyber

Program Partners

The Cyber Skills Center is forming an alliance of partners dedicated to building a diverse tech talent pipeline in Tulsa. We’re actively seeking employer partners interested in hiring our entry-level graduates.

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